Episode 79: Fishburgh!

0079 SportsThis week, dear listeners, Windy expounds about a genre of films that she is inexplicably fascinated by: underdog sports movies! Grab your sportballs and join us!

If you would like to drink along, make friends with a Wisconsinite and get yourself a bottle of Three Lakes Winery semi-sweet cranberry wine. We sure did!

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
The Bad News Bears
The Longest Yard
Breaking Away
The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh
Teen Wolf
The Karate Kid (and the sequels)
Major League
Hoop Dreams
The Replacements
The Rookie
Bring It On
The Blind Side
The Black Stallion
The Fighter
Silver Linings Playbook
The Other Dream Team

People mentioned:
Sylvester Stallone
Tatum O’Neill
Burt Reynolds
Charlie Sheen
Susan Sarandon
Tim Robbins
Kevin Costner
Michael Oher
Ken Burns
Mark Walberg
Christian Bale


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  1. Wasn’t the “Dream Team” the 1992 Olympic US men’s basketball team — so called because the rules finally changed, allowing them to put pro players on the team for the first time? That seems a better fit for “The Other Dream Team” than the 1980 hockey team.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE WINDY HAS NOT SEEN LAGAAN! That was the first Bollywood movie I ever saw and I became obsessed with it. Everything I know about cricket I learned from this movie.

    • J. Garth Wilcox on August 14, 2015 at 9:03 AM
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    What, no love for Men With Brooms?


    • @PedanticEric on August 16, 2015 at 6:20 PM
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    Listening to this really made me want to rewatch The Bad News Bears and my imdb research yielded an interesting tidbit: the writer of that film also did the screenplay for John Carpenter’s The Thing! Holy crap!

  2. Oooh, time travel back to the Worlds Fairs! I am on board with this journey!

    Throwing out another underdog sports-type thing that is a moderately decent little movie: Cool Runnings. Sure, it doesn’t have much to do with what really happened, but when has that ever stopped us from enjoying a fun flick?

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