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Sep 04 2014

Episode 30: I Expect Jazz Hands

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we celebrate our 30th episode with our second Off Topic extravaganza! If you missed our first Off Topic episode, here’s what’s going on: while we edit our regular episodes, many things get clipped out. Usually, the stuff that winds up on the cutting room floor is just long silences or drunken ramblings, but sometimes those edits are worth saving for another time.


The audio clips in this episode were recorded between April and August of 2014. The audio quality, subject matter, and level of sobriety will vary widely. You will also randomly hear the voices of:

Romeo Azar
Courtney Azar
Molly Glover
Kelvin Hatle
Christopher Jones
Jennifer Menken
Meghan Murphy
Fes Works
Windy’s Mom

Please enjoy the randomness of our second Off Topic episode! Show notes behind the cut.

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Jul 31 2014

Episode 25: Friends, Romans, Countrymen… WHERE’S THE JOKER?

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we have DC Comics artist Christopher “Danger” Jones, Esq. back one more time, and we FINALLY ask him about the media thing he cares about most: the Batman. This bat-episode is filled with bat-ness!

If you need a bat-drink while you enjoy our bat-chat, we suggest an Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider. We’re not sure if that’s something that Bruce Wayne would keep in his bat-fridge, but it does happen to be what we were bat-drinking back in May when we recorded this episode.

Full bat-notes behind the bat-cut!

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Jun 26 2014

Episode 20: Morality Is Our Weakness

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, DC Comics artist Christopher “Danger” Jones, Esq. returns to discuss “family friendly” movies, and all the problems audiences seem to have with them. And if you thought talking about family fare would prevent us from drinking, well, pop open that bottle of Castello Banfi Centine Toscana and drink along with us!

Show notes behind the cut!

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May 29 2014

Episode 16: Oh No, There Goes San Francisco

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we bring in our friend, DC Comics artist Christopher Jones, to talk with us about GODZILLA! We chat about the new film, the Japanese franchise, and other kaiju-related things.

Our wine pairing for this week is Bolla Sangiovese di Romagna, because a discussion about giant monsters needs a robust wine offering. However, if you’re more the cider type, Mr. Jones was drinking a Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple Hard Cider during our recording.

Oh, and here’s a .gif of Godzilla’s victory dance, in case you get to that part of the episode and don’t believe us:


Show notes behind the cut!

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