Podcast Guest: Jennifer Menken

Episode 30: I Expect Jazz Hands

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we celebrate our 30th episode with our second Off Topic extravaganza! If you missed our first Off Topic episode, here’s what’s going on: while we edit our regular episodes, many things get clipped out. Usually, the stuff that winds up on the cutting room floor is just long silences or drunken ramblings, but sometimes those edits are worth saving for another time.


The audio clips in this episode were recorded between April and August of 2014. The audio quality, subject matter, and level of sobriety will vary widely. You will also randomly hear the voices of:

Romeo Azar
Courtney Azar
Molly Glover
Kelvin Hatle
Christopher Jones
Jennifer Menken
Meghan Murphy
Fes Works
Windy’s Mom

Please enjoy the randomness of our second Off Topic episode! Show notes behind the cut.

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Episode 29: Kilt Weasels and Other Charismatic Macrofauna

, with special guest:
Windy's chest is also a creature.

Windy’s chest is also a creature.

Good tidings, dear listeners! This week, we are joined by Jennifer Menken of the Bell Museum of Natural History for an episode all about movie critters! That’s right, we’re bringing SCIENCE to creature features!

SCIENCE also brought us the tasty Protocolo 2011 Tempranillo that we drank while recording this episode. Please feel free to sip along!

Now, before we go to the show notes, we have a couple of corrections for this episode:

  • Melissa was mistaken in how she pronounced H. R. Giger. It’s actually “GEE-ger,” as heard in videos where the man pronounces his own name. Melissa knows this, but she had some wine and old habits kicked in.
  • Melissa is also fully aware in her current sobriety that Peter Capaldi’s kilt was full of mongoose, not weasel. While mongeese look like weasels, they are in suborder Feliforma (like cats and hyenas), not Caniformia (like dogs and weasels). We deeply apologize to any weasels to whom we gave false hopes about inhabiting Peter Capaldi’s kilt.

Show notes and links behind the cut!

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