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Episode 86: Mechanocinephilia (with the Occasional Devil Cult)

0086 CarsThis week, dear listeners, we bring you an episode about Melissa’s obsession with car movies! We talk about car chases, car crashes, car explosions, and, of course, devil cults.

If you would like to drink along, you’ll need to go to a gas station in Wisconsin to pick up a bottle of Three Lakes Winery semi-sweet cranberry wine. But we won’t judge you if you substitute something within easier reach!

Show notes behind the cut!

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This Week’s Underappreciated Movies

Every Monday, each of us will suggest a film that we feel too few people have seen.


Melissa’s Pick of the Week: Drive Angry

It’s over-the-top. It’s often ridiculous. It contains some stunningly bad CGI. But Drive Angry has muscle cars and devil cults and kickass Amber Herd and Nic Cage as a man who has returned from hell for a bit of vengeance. If that has you saying, “Hey, that sounds kinda like Ghost Rider,” you’re not wrong, but I’ll add this cherry on top of the cheese sundae: Drive Angry also features William Fichtner as a mysterious badass named The Accountant. Fichtner steals every single goddamn scene he’s in. It’s really saying something when an actor steals a movie from a hell-escaped Nicholas Cage, but Fichtner is what truly makes this popcorn flick worth a look.


Windy’s Pick of the Week: The Red Shoes

I had thought this is a movie for the true lover of musicals and dance movies: dabblers and dilettantes don’t even bother. Then when it showed at BNAT 11, I got yelled at that I hadn’t recommended it to people sooner. “You knew about this movie and didn’t tell me?” So here – I’m telling you. If you know the classic fairytale, then you already have an inkling of what sort of tale you’re in for – and it’s not going to have a happy ending. It’s about dance and obsession – ambition, but also those who seek to control our talents. Starring the alarmingly beautiful (and talented – she was a star of the ballet stage) Moira Shearer in saturated technicolor, this film is simply stunning. There’s a lot more happening than a ballet, but the central set piece is one that will stick in your memory for years to come.

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