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Jan 16 2016

Episode 98: So Many Carbs for Your Joy

0098 War MoviesThis week, dear listeners, we bring you an episode about war movies, featuring super-special guest star, Pat Wick!

This episode was recorded waaay back in October, so we’re extra excited to bring this one to you this week. It kept getting bumped out because of various reasons (i.e., “Noel did a two-part episode again”, “we probably shouldn’t post an episode about war movies on Christmas”, etc.), but now it is live in the world, and you can reminisce about the days when Melissa could still have a beer! (Or at least Melissa can reminisce about beer.)

Speaking of beer, this week we recommend either Original Sin hard cider or Bauhaus Brew Labs Schwantoberfest. Both are delicious, and the Bauhaus Brew Labs have an amazing packaging design team.

Oh, and here’s the photo that is mentioned in the episode:

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Sep 17 2015

Episode 83: Nobody Wants That Much Dostoyevsky: Part 2

0083 Kurosawa 2This week, we’re back with Noel Thingvall, and we complete our Akira Kurosawa two-episode extravaganza! (If you did not catch Part One, you can catch it here!)

If you would like to drink along, grab a bottle of Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon. Or perhaps Apothic Red. Just don’t drink too much, lest you start snoring like Windy.

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