Episode 15: I Am So Sorry, Mr. Ghost of John Ritter

, with special guest: ,

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we are posting an experiment: our very first Off Topic episode! See, if you’ve listened to any of our other podcasts, you already know we heavily edit our material. A lot of what we talk about gets edited out for time, irrelevance, or just general failure. This episode is crafted from the very best of our random ramblings, which happened while recording all our previous episodes.

Our wine pairing for this week is… whatever you want! By my math, over the course of the snippets heard in this episode, we killed something like 15 bottles of wine, half a bottle of scotch, several bottles of cider and beer, and a tiny bottle of single-serve sake. Grab your favorite bottle of whatever and join us!

Show notes behind the cut!

People Appearing in This Episode:
Tim Wick
Romeo Azar
Various cats

People Mentioned:
Sheila and Kenneth Hite
Adrian Belew
Woody Allen
Olivia Wilde
Elisabeth Shue
Aaron Eckhart
C. Robert Cargill
Wonder Woman
Frank Miller
Gail Simone
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Matthew McConaughey
Jared Leto
Frank Herbert
Denzel Washington
Brad Pitt
John Ritter
Chita Rivera
Mandy Patinken
Vin Diesel
Robert Heinlein
Benny Hill

Movies Mentioned:
Midnight in Paris
Purple Rose of Cairo
Annie Hall
The Hunger Games
Wolf of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club
Twelve Years a Slave
How to Survive a Plague
Three’s Company (TV)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (stage)
Showboat (stage)
Mark of the Vampire

There is also a mention of Olivia Wilde’s genderswap script experiment. The article is here.

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