Podcast Guest: Romeo Azar

Episode 30: I Expect Jazz Hands

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we celebrate our 30th episode with our second Off Topic extravaganza! If you missed our first Off Topic episode, here’s what’s going on: while we edit our regular episodes, many things get clipped out. Usually, the stuff that winds up on the cutting room floor is just long silences or drunken ramblings, but sometimes those edits are worth saving for another time.


The audio clips in this episode were recorded between April and August of 2014. The audio quality, subject matter, and level of sobriety will vary widely. You will also randomly hear the voices of:

Romeo Azar
Courtney Azar
Molly Glover
Kelvin Hatle
Christopher Jones
Jennifer Menken
Meghan Murphy
Fes Works
Windy’s Mom

Please enjoy the randomness of our second Off Topic episode! Show notes behind the cut.

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Episode 18: It’s Like a Treadmill for My Liver

, with special guest:
Melissa and Romeo

Melissa and Romeo displaying their love of wine and Superman. This is what a typical Xanadu Cinema podcast recording session looks like.

This week, Superman enters our Pleasure Dome! (Wait, that didn’t sound quite right…) Tune in to listen to hear us wax nostalgic about Christopher Reeve and argue about everything else with Man of Opinions, Romeo Azar! Also, you can listen carefully for our fantastic studio audience, Courtney Azar!

Our wine pairing for this week is Rosenblum Cellars’ Stark Raving Malbec, which we found to be very tasty. Or you could also grab a Crispin Classic English Dry Cider if you’re not in the mood for wine, because that’s what Romeo was drinking. Either way, we approve of your beverage choice!

Show notes behind the cut!

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Episode 15: I Am So Sorry, Mr. Ghost of John Ritter

, with special guest: ,

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we are posting an experiment: our very first Off Topic episode! See, if you’ve listened to any of our other podcasts, you already know we heavily edit our material. A lot of what we talk about gets edited out for time, irrelevance, or just general failure. This episode is crafted from the very best of our random ramblings, which happened while recording all our previous episodes.

Our wine pairing for this week is… whatever you want! By my math, over the course of the snippets heard in this episode, we killed something like 15 bottles of wine, half a bottle of scotch, several bottles of cider and beer, and a tiny bottle of single-serve sake. Grab your favorite bottle of whatever and join us!

Show notes behind the cut!

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Episode 13: A Banana Hammock Is Never Safe

, with special guest:

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, we are joined by very special guest Romeo Azar, local creative director and Man of Opinions, for a discussion about James Bond and all things 007!

Booze fans can also rejoice this week, as we have many options for your drinking. Our primary recommendation is Rosenblum Cellars’ Stark Raving Malbec, but feel free to also sample Crispin Classic English Dry Cider or Pacific Pear Cider, as we were under the influence of all three during this episode.

(Actually, there was also a fourth bottle of wine, but we didn’t like it as much, so we won’t plug it in print.)

(No, we didn’t have any martini fixings on hand. Clearly, we don’t plan these things ahead of time.)

Anyway, to distract you from our lack of martinis, here’s a video that Windy, Romeo, and I (and other friends) made over the holidays last year: a mash-up of Bollywood and “The Good Ship Lollypop”. It has nothing to do with James Bond.

Show notes behind the cut!

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