Episode 184: B-Fest 2024

, with special guest: ,

Episode 184Today, dear listeners, Melissa is joined by Noel Thingvall and Kelvin Hatle for tales from B-Fest 2024! Terrible movies! Bad jokes! Paper plates!

NOTE: We deeply apologize for the background noise during this episode. We were recording in live environments, including a moving car on Interstate 94. We did our best to reduce the background noise while emphasizing our voices.

Movies discussed:
Stunt Rock
Hot Potato
Wonder Women
The Wizard of Speed and Time
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Demonic Toys
Hard Rock Zombies
The Chilling
A Boy and His Dog
The Apple
The Black Scorpion
She Devils on Wheels
The Monkey Hustle
Tammy and the T-Rex

Other things discussed:
Stunt Rock trailer
A Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome episode all about The Apple


  1. Runaway? The Tom Selleck movie? I’ve seen that! It was… a movie that I’ve seen! I know that much!

    Denise Richards wasn’t the problem with that Bond movie she was in. Nearly everything else about that awful movie was the problem, she just got stuck in that lousy part with those terrible lines.

    The “movies discussed” list dropped one, the quickly discussed terrible “women bikers” movie between The Black Scorpion and The Monkey Hustle. Which may simply be an appropriate omission, mind you…

    1. Thanks a bunch for the catch! That movie was She Devils on Wheels, and I’ve edited the post.

    • Timothy J Lehnerer on March 8, 2024 at 5:33 PM
    • Reply

    Somehow, I never managed to be nearby when you were taping. ALAS!

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