Episode 57: Saltine Lust

, with special guest:

0057 RomcomDear listeners, if the term “romcom” is poison to you, don’t worry… we know how you feel! That’s why this week, we talk about romantic comedies for people who hate romantic comedies! And joining us this week as our special guest is comedy person Kelvin Hatle!

If you would like to ignite your passions with some booze (as we certainly did while recording), we recommend Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles, a red wine with a rabbit on the bottle. Because rabbits have sexy-times, and so should you.

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
The Tall Guy
50 First Dates
Punch Drunk Love
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Shawn of the Dead
The Thin Man
Knocked Up
Bringing Up Baby
The African Queen
Dog Day Afternoon
The Man with One Red Shoe
Joe vs. the Volcano

People mentioned:
Jeff Goldblum
Emma Thompson
Rowan Atkinson
Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore
Edgar Wright
Nick Frost
Seth Rogen
Cary Grant
Katherine Hepburn
Tom Hanks
Jim Belushi
Lori Singer
Roger Ebert
Meg Ryan
Abe Vigoda


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