Episode 67: Switches Are Fun

, with special guest:

0067 Atop the 4th Wall: The MovieThis week, dear listeners, we talk to Linkara (aka Lewis Lovhaug) about making Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie, a crowdfunded film based on his popular web video show. We discuss independent filmmaking, producing content for the Internet, and space ships.

For this episode, we were also joined by a couple of excellent audience members, Fes Works and Noel Thingvall. Yay!

If you want to drink along with Windy and Melissa, we suggest drinking whatever you have handy, because your dear hosts had drank so much wine prior to the episode that they totally forgot to mention what they drank. Thus, we apologize for all the lost consonants in this episode.

Show notes after the cut!

Movies mentioned:
Atop the 4th Wall: The Movie
To Boldly Flee
Suburban Knights
Shot on Shittio
Tequila and Bonetti (TV)
American Movie

People mentioned:
Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic)
Kevin Baugh
Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob)
Noah Antwiler (Spoony)
Nick Landis (Lanipator)
Joe Vargas (Angry Joe)


Atop the 4th Wall

The Republic of Molossia:

Channel Awesome

The Good Ship Bollypop

The Dune Swede

Disney movie / Dr. Who mash-up t-shirts

Fitbit clips for people who don’t like Fitbits on their wrists

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  1. Okay, the JLS-done-with-Nemo-seagulls idea is HILARIOUS. *waves fistful of cash at computer screen*

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