Episode 127: They Ask So Little of Me

, with special guest:

SFFSFFIn this week’s episode, Windy and writer/TV show host/modern rogue Jason Murphy bring back tales of SFFSFF, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle, WA! (Since Melissa got to have a B-Fest episode without Windy, it’s only fair that Windy also got a solo show!)

Show notes behind the cut! Exclamation points!!!

Short films mentioned:
Seahawks vs. Monsters
Getting Fat in a Healthy Way
The Mill at Calder’s End
The Story of Pluto
Tears of Steel
Filthy But Fine
The Alan Dimension
Welcome to the 5th Facade
Summer Camp Island
Never Happened
H. P. Lovecraft Insurance
The Seafarer and the Moonlight
Infinity Train
House Arrest
MeTube 2 – August Sings Carmina Burana

Other films mentioned:
Kubo and the Two Strings

People mentioned:
Rod Paddock
Paul Allen

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  1. “Never Happened” sounds a bit like the short-film version of the KONGOS song “Autocorrect.” Nice!

    I was gifted a Blu-Ray of “Kubo”, it’s on my desk, I just need to sit down and finally watch the thing…

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