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Episode 133a: Viva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 1

Fantastic Fest 2018Dear listeners, we are back again at Fantastic Fest 2018! In this episode, we bring you the tales of Day 1: the movies we saw, the movie we didn’t see (yet), and random Jamie Lee Curtis sightings.

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Episode 68: Punchlines Are So Jungian

, with special guest:

0068 Monty PythonDear listeners, get ready to be bombarded with quotes, because this week our subject of choice is Monty Python! And joining us for our odyssey through absurdity is returning guest and Python fanatic Tonya Wershow!

If you would like to gain liver poisoning by drinking at every Python quote we drop, please consider Trepiche Malbec, which is responsible for our tipsy behavior during this episode.

Show notes behind the cut!

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