Episode 150: Slings & Arrows / Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Episode 150Good morrow, dear listeners! Today we bring you the myriad delights of our previous week: Slings & Arrows, Dungeons & Dragons, prurience & Pittsburgh, and more!

Things discussed:
Slings and Arrows (TV)
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Court of the Underworld series by Alessa Thorn (books)
Everyday Noodle (Pittsburgh)
Vendor Bender (Pittsburgh)
Getting a ticket without Ticketmaster

Episode 149: The Raid / Tetris

Episode 149Dear listeners, we come to you this week with an episode about several things that made us happy recently: The Raid, Tetris, Martha Raye, and so many other delights!

Movies discussed:
The Raid
The Night Comes for Us
The Dirt
Keep ‘Em Flying
Monsieur Verdoux

Martha Raye

Episode 148: XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 2

Episode 148Dear listeners, today we bring you the exciting conclusion of our XanaCineHoliday disucssions! We surprise each other with movies new and old, silly and serious, and big and small.

Movies discussed:
Book of Eli
In Fabric
The 40 Year Old Version
Sorry to Bother You
Dead Again
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Melissa’s Letterboxd list of Sentient Murder Object movies

Episode 147: XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 1

Episode 147Dear listeners, today we bring back one of our favorite traditions of Pleasure Domes past: the XanaCineHoliday! This esteemed holiday is when Windy and Melissa pick out a weekend, assign movies to each other, watch those movies, and meet up between films to talk about them. Today’s episode is the first half our XanaCineHoliday disucssions; next week we will post the second half.

Movies discussed:
Space Sweepers
Newsies: The Broadway Musical
Mulholland Drive
Facing Nolan

Episode 146: Judas and the Black Messiah / BlacKkKlansman / Don’t Worry Darling

Episode 146Good morrow, dear listeners! In this episode, we discuss several films we recently watched on very long airplane flights, and we wax rhapsodic about food. (We might have recorded this podcast while we were hungry.)

Movies discussed:
Judas and the Black Messiah
Sorry to Bother You
Son’t Worry Darling

Other things discussed:
Pain au chocolat
Jimmy John’s

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