Episode 76: A Bulwark of Artifice and Awesome

, with special guest:

0076 1987This week, dear listeners, we welcome back Cetius the Scotchbringer for an episode about the year 1987! He figures that 1987 was a stellar year for fun movies, and we we completely agree.

If you look back at the year 1987 and feel old, we recommend that you drink more Aberlour 16 scotch, because that’s what we did. (And if you’re too young to remember 1987, please wait while I reach for my glass…)

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
Three Men and a Baby
Mr. Mom
Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop 2
Red Sonja
Good Morning Vietnam
Fatal Attraction
Lethal Weapon
Witches of Eastwick
Raising Arizona
Broadcast News
The Princess Bride
The Lost Boys
Evil Dead 2
The Running Man
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Masters of the Universe
Bad Taste
Dirty Dancing
Full Metal Jacket
Batteries Not Included
Wall Street
Empire of the Sun
The Last Emperor
The Hidden
Withnail & I
Adventures in Babysitting
Amazon Women on the Moon
Prince of Darkness
Monster Squad
Point Break

People mentioned:
Michael Keaton
Ted Danson
Steve Guttenberg
Judge Reinhold
Brigitte Nielsen
Sandahl Bergman
Paul Reiser
Chris Rock
Robin Williams
Michael Douglas
Glenn Close
Adrian Lyne
Mel Gibson
Richard Dreyfuss
George Miller
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jack Nicholson
Nicolas Cage
Holly Hunter
Corey Feldman
Kiefer Sutherland
Arnold Schwarzenegger
John McTiernan
Richard Dawson
Kim Cattrall
Meshach Taylor
Bill Pullman
Peter Jackson
Patrick Swayze
Jennifer Grey
Cynthia Rhodes
Stanley Kubrick
R. Lee Ermey
Vincent D’Onofrio
Dennis Quaid
Meg Ryan
Martin Short
Robert Picardo
Kyle MacLachlan
Michael Nouri


Extreme Tasting League

Horrorshow Hot Dog

Neko Atsume


  1. (Okay, the Toshiro Mifune Collective Grunt just about floored me, nicely done you three!)

    When I loaded the page I marveled at the long list of movies. As I listened I marveled that the “movies mentioned” list isn’t even complete! A half-dozen movies didn’t get listed, not that some really are worth it… Leonard Part 6, Superman IV… ugh.

    For the record: I was 15, but I didn’t get to see many of these until years later on video. I did see Predator, Full Metal Jacket (… yeah. sigh.), and Good Morning Vietnam in theaters. And Mannequin if I remember correctly.

    Such an amazing year. We’ll probably not see its like again.

    1. In the show notes, I try to only list movies or people that we actually discuss in some way. Name-drops don’t count, otherwise people seeking info about something specific would be disappointed. Also, keeping the list to something we actually discussed helps in editing: “I think we already talked about this movie in the past… [search website] …yup. [delete]”

  2. I too was 12 in 1987, so this is definitely a sweet spot in my movie adolescence. I need to revisit The Last Emporer, because I saw it in the theater in ’87 and I was completely the wrong age to appreciate it.

    Have to disagree about Bill Pullman. While You Were Sleeping, case closed. He wasn’t a dashing, Cary Grant type romantic lead, but he was great when he was the underdog Jimmy Stewart kind of romantic lead. He didn’t do many of those — lots of times, when he was in romantic movies, he was the guy who got dumped for the bigger star (Exhibit A – Sleepless in Seattle). And sometimes he just picked bad projects (Mr. Wrong???). But While You Were Sleeping flipped that shit, and I was so jealous of Sandra Bullock in that movie.

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