Episode 105: Punching Space Sharks

0105 Off-Topic 7Dear listeners, it is time for our seventh Off-Topic Extravaganza! That’s right, the episode number is a multiple of 15, which means this episode is entirely constructed of outtakes from the previous 14 episodes. These clips were sliced out because of time constraints, irrelevance, and/or inebriation, but we felt we could still put them to some good use.

During the course of the episode, you will hear the voices of:

Noel Thingvall
Kelvin Hatle
Pat Wick
Jerry Belich
Monte (aka Chris Bowlsby)

Further show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned (in no particular order):
Boondock Saints
Cabaret (stage)
A Chorus Line (stage)
Sweeney Todd (stage)
Billy Elliot
Requiem for a Dream
The Dish
Zoolander 2
Inglourious Basterds
Boys from Brazil
Independence Day 2
The Secret Garden
Twin Peaks (TV)
I, Robot
Dark City
The Wave
The Choice
Star Trek Beyond

People mentioned (in no particular order):
Frank Zappa
The Dead Milkmen
Andy Howell
Alan Cumming
Norbert Leo Butz
Nicolas Cage
John Cusack
John Travolta
Bob Fosse
Paul Walker
Harold Ramis
Adolf Hitler
Quentin Tarantino
Roland Emmerich
William Fichtner
Alex Proyas
Akiva Goldsman


“Valley Girl” by Frank Zappa

Suburban World Theater

Independence Day 2 trailer

National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City

The Chicago Sh*t Fountain


  1. Melissa is not alone in her Star Trek Beyond trailer giddiness. Justin Lin action. Screenplay by Simon Pegg. This trailer is a glorious supernova chasing down a Klingon fleet racing through the cosmos while head banging to an 8-track of metal. If it weren’t for Hardcore Henry, this would be my favorite trailer of the year so far.

    Also, I’m fully down for Emmerich & Devlin reunited for another Independence Day.

    1. I just saw the trailer for Hardcore Henry, and it’s either going to be the awesomest thing in the history of awesome, or it’s going to be a bucket of motion sickness. I WILL INVESTIGATE THOROUGHLY. FOR SCIENCE.

      Also, it’s coming out one day before my wedding. I’m considering how to leverage that.

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