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Episode 190: Late Night with the Devil / Fall Guy / Argylle

Episode 190Dearest listeners! We have so many cinematic delights to share this week that we can’t fit all of them in the episode title! We also have dogs!

Movies mentioned:
The Holdovers
Godzilla Minus 1
Late Night with the Devil
The Cleansing Hour
The Fall Guy

Other things mentioned:
Peshwari naan and other Indian cuisine
Los Straitjackets’ cover of “My Heart Will Go On”

Episode 189: Staying Alive / Time Masters / Lisa Frankenstein

Episode 189This week, dear listeners, join us in the hot tub for our latest cinematic delights! No really, we’re in a hot tub!

Movies mentioned:
Staying Alive
Lisa Frankenstein
Time Masters (aka Masters of Time)

Other things mentioned:
Hot tubs
Cadbury Mini Eggs

Episode 188: Madame Web / American Utopia / Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Episode 188This week, dear listeners, we come back after an unexpected hiatus with some unexpected joys! No seriously, hear us out!

Movies mentioned:
Madame Web
American Utopia
Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Other things mentioned:
Fall of the House of Usher (TV)
The Incredible Bongo Band
Mr. Experience

Episode 187: A Haunting in Venice / The Boy Friend / Lisa Frankenstein / Death of Stalin

Episode 187Dear listeners, we return this week with an extra helping of movies we liked! We have everything from Agatha [Christie] to [Soviet Marshal] Zhukov for you!

Movies mentioned:
A Haunting in Venice
The Boy Friend
Lisa Frankenstein
Death of Stalin

Other things mentioned:
Agatha Christie books
Sweeney Todd (Broadway)
Sleep No More (Broadway)
Book of Mormon (Broadway)
Fancy Australian yarn
Mark Mallman
Godzilla, Ryan Gosling, and John Cena at the Oscars

Also, as promised in the episode, here are some important visual aids:

Jason Isaacs in Death of Stalin

Jason Isaacs as Marshal Zhukov in Death of Stalin

The Actual Marshal Zhukov

The actual Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov

Episode 186: Saltburn / Tenet / Dune

Episode 186Hello again, dearest listeners! This week, we talk about eating the rich and eating the spice, plus all the joy that 70mm can bring!

Movies discussed:
Dune Part 1
Dune Part 2

Other things discussed:
Saltburn valentines
Paisley Park
Strange New Worlds

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