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Episode 155: Map of Tiny Perfect Things / Autopsy of Jane Doe

Dear listeners, this week we bring you a range of delights, from time loop romances to autopsies gone wrong! We also cannot remember the word “antipode”!

Movies discussed:
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
The Best of Me
The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Other things we liked:
Jet’s Pizza
Two Dots
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Episode 154: War

Episode 154Dear listeners, this week we bring to you an episode about a 2019 Bollywood film named War, which brought us so much joy this week!

Movies discussed:

Other things we liked:
Animal Humane Society

Episode 153: Baby J / Soul

Episode 153Happy Memorial Day Weekend to our US listeners! This week, the movies that brought us joy are about… addiction and death? Sure, why not!

Movies discussed:
John Mulaney: Baby J

Other things we like:
The music of Jon Batiste
New Zealand Air’s SkyCouches

Episode 152: Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno / Air

Episode 152Dear listeners, this week we bring our joy to you with some of our favorite things: underdog sports movies and obscure French auteur movies that never got made!

Movies discussed:
Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno

Other things we liked:
Dancing Bear Chocolate
Swirl Top Baking
Exceptionally useful coffee tables

Episode 151: Arrival / Boss Level / Homecoming / Decline of Western Civilization

Episode 151Dearest listeners, we apologize for skipping last week, but we now bring you two weeks worth of joy! Space aliens, time loops, punk rock, and Beyonce ahoy!

Movies discussed:
Boss Level
The Decline of Western Civilization
The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years
The Decline of Western Civilization III
Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce
Schmigadoon Season 2 / Schmicago (TV)

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