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Dec 17 2015

Episode 94: I Hate Outside

0094 Butt-Numb-a-Thon 2015Oh, dear listeners, it is the time of year that be bring you the Butt-Numb-a-Thon Report! That’s right, we watched 24 hours of movies all in one luxurious glut, and we talk about all of them — vintage classics, restored rarities, and sneak premieres complete with celebrity encounters. And, even better, we are joined once again by awesome guest-star Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not and Geek Merit Badges fame!

If you would like to drink along, well… we weren’t drinking for this one. We were running on pure, unbridled sleep deprivation. Choose a drink that will make you giddy and sleepy at the same time, and you’ll be there with us.

Show notes behind the cut!

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Sep 30 2015

Episode 84g: Fantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 7

0084 FFToday, dear listeners, we soldier on with our recaps of FANTASTIC FEST 2015! In today’s episode, we are joined by super-awesome film fan Jessica Cargill, and Windy talks about being whisked away for a bonus adventure!

Movies mentioned:
Remake Remix Ripoff
Men and Chicken
Dangerous Men
Too Late
Man Who Saved the World
The Witch

Sep 26 2015

Episode 84c: Fantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 3

0084 FFGood morning, dear listeners! We survived Day 2 of Fantastic Fest, and here’s proof! Join us as we describe the movies we watched and the people we saw punching each other!

Movies mentioned:
Ruined Heart
Der Bunker
Men and Chicken
Remake Remix Ripoff
Crimson Peak
Dag (TV)

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