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May 26 2016

Episode 115: A Blunt Instrument at the Sharp Utensil Society

Who's Afraid of Virginia WoolfThis week, dear listeners, we discuss the Liz Taylor/Richard Burton film adaptation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, which was released 50 years ago as of this June! Windy had never seen it before, so Melissa figured that it was about damned time.

If you would like to drink along, we recommend WATER. That’s right. We both drank WATER for this episode, which is probably a first in XanaCineHistory. But, seriously, this movie has a proximity intoxication effect. It is unwise to double-down on such power.

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Mar 03 2016

Episode 104: A Pair of Teeth: Part 2

0104 XanaCineHoliday 2Dear listeners, we return to you this week with the second half of our XanaCineHoliday Extravaganza! That’s right — Windy, Melissa, and Pat Wick all spent an entire day in movie theaters, and they bring tales of current movies for your ears.

If you would like to catch up with Windy’s garrulous inebriation, we recommend Yellowtail Sangria.

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Jan 07 2016

Episode 97: From Ant-Man to Zinzana

0097 Best Movies of 2015This week, dear listeners, we bring you an episode about movies that delighted us in 2015! While we fully admit that 2015 was a rough year in many aspects, it was completely loaded with cinematic joys, and we bore witness to many of them!

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Oct 02 2015

Episode 84i: Fantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 9

0084 FFIn our final Fantastic Fest daily episode, we once again kidnap film blogger Adam Lueck for his cinematic opinions and dulcet vocal tones! We also talk about the closing night party and sing unholy praises to Black Phillip.

Movies mentioned:
Portal to Hell (short)
The Babysitter Murders (short)
House of Straw (short)
The Wave
Devil’s Candy
April and the Extraordinary World
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Bone Tomahawk
The Witch

Sep 30 2015

Episode 84g: Fantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 7

0084 FFToday, dear listeners, we soldier on with our recaps of FANTASTIC FEST 2015! In today’s episode, we are joined by super-awesome film fan Jessica Cargill, and Windy talks about being whisked away for a bonus adventure!

Movies mentioned:
Remake Remix Ripoff
Men and Chicken
Dangerous Men
Too Late
Man Who Saved the World
The Witch

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