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Aug 20 2015

Episode 80: Cowboy Donuts

0080 Anthony MannThis week, dear listeners, we welcome back special guest star Eric Knight for an episode about Anthony Mann westerns! That’s right, we get to introduce you to the sub-genre of film noir westerns, with all their moral grey areas and Jimmy Stewartness!

If you would like to drink along, do what we did, and grab a bottle of wine with a horse and a cowboy on it. In particular, we recommend The Show Malbec, whose cowboy is presumably Argentinian.

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Mar 05 2015

Episode 56: Mutter Mutter Mutter KNIFE

0056 HitchcockThis week, dear listeners, we set Melissa loose on early Hitchcock films! Why? Because she’s seen them all, and can tell you which ones are the best of the Master of Suspense’s early years.

If you would like to drink along with us, we recommend Esprit Barville Cotes du Rhone wine, which has those little hat-like marks over several letters when written correctly. Or, if you don’t have any of that, you can always go for Hitch’s favorite: brandy.

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Feb 12 2015

Episode 53: Bad Art! No Cookie!

0053 ArtThis week, dear listeners, we talk about art vs. entertainment! Do movies fall on a scale between the two, or is it all just a Venn diagram of awesome? We drink a lot of wine and try to find out!

Speaking of drinking, if you would like to join us in our wine-haze, we recommend Foghead Red Wine. Nothin’ fancy for our erudite discussions here, people!

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