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Feb 03 2017

Episode 126: Everything Is Doors Now

B-Fest 2017This week, dear listeners, we bring you straight into the heart of B-Fest 2017, as Melissa, Field Correspondent Kelvin Hatle, and special guest star Tim Lehnerer spend 24 hours in Chicago watching crappy movies!

And if you are wondering what we were drinking, the answer is, “Not enough.”

Click beyond the cut for show notes!


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Feb 11 2016

Episode 101: Poopception: Part 1

0101 B-Fest 2016This week, dear listeners, is the first half of our B-Fest 2016 report! Melissa ventured off to Chicago with Kelvin Hatle to watch 24 straight hours of B movies, and so now you can hear the two of them tell tales of dumbfoundedness while Windy happily drinks!

If you would like to drink along, we heartily recommend New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest (Kelvin’s pick), Green River soda (Melissa’s pick), and HEB mango sparkling water with sake (Windy’s concoction).

And here’s a photo of Melissa wearing her birthday present from Windy:



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Jul 02 2015

Episode 73: Rextopia

0073 Cinema RexWe have a special delight for you today, dear listeners! Today is the first day of CONvergence 2015, and so we have invited Eric Knight to talk about the 17 years he has spent running the incredible CONvergence movie room, Cinema Rex! CONvergence fans can hear about this year’s film selections (all dystopia themed) as well as learn about the history of the movie room. Those of you aren’t CONvergence nerds can also delight in learning about what goes into making the ultimate movie mixtape every year.

If you would like to drink along with us, we recommend either Maipe Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon or The Show Malbec. Both served us well while recording.

Show notes behind the cut!

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Apr 30 2015

Episode 64: Let’s Get Destructed

0064 B-FestBuckle up your seat belts, dear listeners, because on today’s episode we are joined by Kelvin Hatle for a blow-by-blow, film-by-film description of B-Fest 2015! Listen in to find out about such things as Korean Godzilla knock-offs, a mustache-free Sam Elliott, and paper plate throwing strategies!

Today’s extra-sauced episode is brought to you by a bottle of Rabbit Ridge Allure du Robles and several bottles of Newcastle Caledonian Scotch Ale.

Show notes behind the cut!

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