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Episode 49: You’ll Be in a Box and I’ll Be Happy

, with special guest:

David Bowie

0049 David BowieGet out your glitter and your androgyny, dear listeners, because this week we bring you an episode all about the films of DAVID BOWIE! And for this episode full of fabulous, we are joined by erudite author, mixologist, podcaster, and man-about-town, Pat Harrigan!

If you would like to drink along with us, we recommend Cocobon Red Blend, which fueled our glam quite nicely.

More show notes (and photos and a lot of links) behind the cut!

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Episode 110: You Boarded This Bus on Purpose

, with special guest:

Asylum Films

Asylum FilmsWe have a treat for you this week, dear listeners, as we invite special guest star Alee Ellingsberg of Reel Education: Noir to join us for an episode about ASYLUM FILMS! And by Asylum Films, we mean the production house that has given us things like Atlantic Rim, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, and Sharknado.

If you would like to drink along, we recommend Santiago Station Cabernet Sauvignon (if you’re a wine person) or Schell’s Oktoberfest (if you’re a beer person). Either way, you’ll be better prepared for the likes of Megashark vs. Giant Octopus.

Note: the special gift at the end of this episode is a recording made by Tim Wick and Geoffrey Brown for Big Fun Radio Funtime in April 2014. We’re including it here with permission. (Incidentally, these are the same guys who wrote our theme music.) We’re sorry that the audio isn’t great, but that’s the way it is. If you like it, you can get it directly from Bandcamp for free.

Show notes behind the cut!

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Episode #Episode TitleSubjectGuestPosted OnRecorded On
0001WTFW?Introductory episode2014-02-132014-01-14
0002Watershed MomentsWatershed moments2014-02-202014-01-14
0003Butt-Numb-a-ThonButt-Numb-a-Thon 20132014-02-272014-01-28
0004Oscars Pajama PartyThe OscarsTim Wick2014-03-062014-03-02
0005My Garden of Dark Black FlowersFilms Noir2014-03-132014-02-11
0006Wait... what was the point?Outtakes from Episode 22014-03-202014-01-14
0007Women, Vengeance, and Claw HammersKorean cinemaLex Larson2014-03-272014-02-25
0008Six Degrees of Seven BaconHoward Keel and Dan Aykroyd2014-04-032014-01-28
0009Joy Flames on the Sides of My FaceDumb action movies2014-04-102014-03-11
0010The Thousand Parsec StareStar Trek vs. Star Wars2014-04-172014-03-11
0011A Loving God Would Not Be Mad at Yul BrynnerReligion movies2014-04-242014-03-26
0012F*ck Bubble WrapMovies that scarred us for lifeChris "Monte" Bowlsby2014-05-012014-03-26
0013A Banana Hammock Is Never SafeJames BondRomeo Azar2014-05-082014-04-08
0014JerkburgerFeminism in film and other stuffLex Larson2014-05-152014-02-25
0015I Am So Sorry, Mr. Ghost of John RitterOff Topic Collection #12014-05-22Various
0016Oh No, There Goes San FranciscoGodzillaChristopher Jones2014-05-292014-05-20
0017Our Hand Gestures Are ExtraordinaryNaked people in movies2014-06-052014-05-08
0018It's Like a Treadmill for My LiverSupermanRomeo Azar2014-06-122014-04-08
0019Manic Pixie Dream NutsMental illness in filmMolly Glover2014-06-192014-06-03
0020Morality Is Our WeaknessThe concept of "family friendly"Christopher Jones2014-06-262014-05-20
0021A Bucket Full of WrongProblematic mediaKelvin Hatle2014-07-032014-06-22
0022Dysfunctional Is Still FunctionalBooze movies2014-07-102014-05-08
0023Screaming Keeps the Face SuppleHorror moviesMeghan Murphy2014-07-172014-07-08
0024Musical PTSDMusicalsFes Works2014-07-242014-06-03
0025Friends, Romans, Countrymen... WHERE'S THE JOKER?BatmanChristopher Jones2014-07-312014-06-22
0026Zen Master Tai Chi Roadhousey-FuBad moviesKelvin Hatle2014-08-072014-06-22
0027Sexism, Screenwriting, and Scotch: Part 1Feminism in filmC. Robert Cargill2014-08-142014-07-04
0028Sexism, Screenwriting, and Scotch: Part 2Feminism in filmC. Robert Cargill2014-08-212014-07-08
0029Kilt Weasels and Other Charismatic MacrofaunaMovie creaturesJennifer Mencken2014-08-282014-07-15
0030I Expect Jazz HandsOff Topic Collection #22014-09-04Various
0031A Lovely Forge to Hammer UponRemakes2014-09-112014-08-12
0032Ooh, Ruffians!Heist films2014-09-182014-07-29
0033Pure Ejaculation of AwesomeGuillermo del ToroMatt Kessen2014-09-252014-08-26
0034Flatitudes, Y'allPuppet moviesGordon Smuder2014-10-022014-07-15
0035Emotional TurgidityDouglas SirkSharon Stiteler2014-10-092014-09-09
0036Metal as F*ckRock musicals2014-10-162014-08-12
0037Your Crazypants Are on FireGhost movies2014-10-232014-10-07
0038I've Got No Quarrel with a BombPlanet of the Apes filmsMatt Kessen2014-10-302014-08-26
0039Nerd Police, I Need BackupGame moviesRob Callahan, Chris "Monte" Bowlsby2014-11-062014-10-10
0040Better Living Through JamesonMel BrooksSharon Stiteler2014-11-132014-09-09
0041Flower Arranging for GoonsMovie trade marathon #12014-11-202014-10-26
0042A Yertle of TurtlenecksHoliday movies2014-11-272014-10-07
0043Ri-cray-culousBook-to-movie adaptations2014-12-042014-11-04
0044If You Can't Feel Your Nose, Is It Still There?Philosophy moviesRob Callahan2014-12-112014-10-10
0045Time Is a BeardOff Topic Collection #32014-12-18Various
0046Let's Punch Each Other and Become FriendsButt-Numb-a-Thon 2014Meghan Murphy2014-12-252014-12-14
0047Tanks, Bazookas, and the Great Whatsit: Part 1Robert AldrichNoel Thingvall2015-01-012014-11-20
0048Tanks, Bazookas, and the Great Whatsit: Part 2Robert AldrichNoel Thingvall2015-01-082014-11-20
0049You'll Be in a Box and I'll Be HappyDavid BowiePat Harrigan2015-01-152014-12-02
0050Rock You Like a MuseXanaduSharon Stiteler, Gordon Smuder2015-01-222015-01-08
0051Gloss Gone Horribly, Horribly WrongBob Fosse2015-01-292014-12-30
0052Goth BakingSweeney ToddDavid Justin, Barb Lind2015-02-052015-01-13
0053Bad Art! No Cookie!Art versus entertainment2015-02-122014-11-04
0054Neon Escalators and Things: Part 1John CarpenterNoel Thingvall2015-02-192014-11-20
0055Neon Escalators and Things: Part 2John CarpenterNoel Thingvall2015-02-262014-11-20
0056Mutter Mutter Mutter KNIFEEarly Hitchcock2015-03-052014-12-30
0057Saltine LustRomcoms for people who hate romcomsKelvin Hatle2015-03-122015-02-10
0058Superposition YetiHammer StudiosPat Harrigan2015-03-192014-12-02
0059I Will Eat Your BeefMovies we dislike2015-03-262015-02-24
0060All Up in My Limbic SystemOff Topic Collection #42015-04-02Various
0061Turtles All the Way Down: Part 1Meta moviesTonya Wershow2015-04-092015-03-24
0062Turtles All the Way Down: Part 2Meta moviesTonya Wershow2015-04-162015-03-24
0063But What About the Lacrosse?Teen comedies of the late 1990sKate Cornish2015-04-232015-04-07
0064Let's Get DestructedB-Fest 2015Kelvin Hatle2015-04-302015-02-10
0065The Ugly Polyester Carpeting of the SoulTinker Tailor Soldier SpyPat Harrigan2015-05-072015-03-10
0066Ah Yes, Nicely Put, EvoreenyFavorite feel-good movies2015-05-142015-02-24
0067Switches Are FunThe Atop the 4th Wall movieLewis Lovhaug2015-05-212015-04-15
0068Punchlines Are So JungianMonty PythonTonya Wershow2015-05-282015-03-24
0069Where Do You Go Wrong with an Oracular Pig?Disney urban fantasy moviesCetius Scotchbringer2015-06-042015-05-19
0070It’s Like the Big Sleep, but Better SummarizedRian JohnsonKate Cornish2015-06-112015-04-07
0071Live Chicken Melee WeaponMovie trade marathon #22015-06-182015-05-22
0072My Best Friend Turned Into a CactusQuatermassPat Harrigan2015-06-252015-03-10
0073RextopiaCinema RexEric Knight2015-07-022015-06-02
0074Your Soul Is DeliciousCONvergence live recording and crossover with Screw It: A Podcast About Wine / discussion of movie and TV fandomsDawn Krosnowski and Lana Rosario2015-07-092015-07-02
0075AlpacalypticOff Topic Collection #52015-07-16Various
0076A Bulwark of Artifice and Awesome1987Cetius Scotchbringer2015-07-232015-05-19
0077Corn Is Creepy: Part 1Stephen King adaptationsMolly Glover2015-07-302015-05-21
0078Corn Is Creepy: Part 2Stephen King adaptationsMolly Glover2015-08-062015-05-21
0079Fishburgh!Underdog sports movies2015-08-132015-06-16
0080Cowboy DonutsAnthony Mann westernsEric Knight2015-08-202015-06-02
0081There's a Lake in the WayMinnesota movies2015-08-272015-07-14
0082Nobody Wants That Much Dostoyevsky: Part 1Akira Kurosawa filmsNoel Thingvall2015-09-102015-07-28
0083Nobody Wants That Much Dostoyevsky: Part 2Akira Kurosawa filmsNoel Thingvall2015-09-172015-07-28
0084aFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 1Fantastic Fest 20152015-09-242015-09-24
0084bFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 2Fantastic Fest 2015Jerry Belich2015-09-252015-09-25
0084chttp://wp.me/p42Mnq-k5Fantastic Fest 20152015-09-262015-09-26
0084dhttp://wp.me/p42Mnq-k8Fantastic Fest 2015Jerry Belich2015-09-272015-09-27
0084eFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 5Fantastic Fest 20152015-09-282015-09-28
0084fFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 6Fantastic Fest 20152015-09-292015-09-29
0084gFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 7Fantastic Fest 2015Jessica Cargill2015-09-302015-09-30
0084hFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 8Fantastic Fest 2015Adam Lueck2015-10-012015-10-01
0084iFantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 9Fantastic Fest 2015Adam Lueck2015-10-022015-10-02
0085Crotchety RockMoving movies2015-10-152015-08-25
0086Mechanocinephilia (with the Occasional Devil Cult)Car movies2015-10-222015-06-16
0087Whaps WhapsolicallyMovie musicPat Wick2015-10-292015-10-20
0088Onion, Parsley, ShoeDocumentaries2015-11-052015-11-03
0089I Believe in DhoomBollywood2015-11-122015-11-03
0090Hey Posterity, Enjoy ThisOff Topic Collection #6Various2015-11-19Various
0091A Jail of Cages: Part 1Nicolas CageNoel Thingvall2015-11-262015-11-17
0092A Jail of Cages: Part 2Nicolas CageNoel Thingvall2015-12-032015-11-17
0093Jaunty, Yet EvilXanacineholiday 02015-12-102015-12-01
0094I Hate OutsideButt-Numb-a-Thon 2015Meghan Murphy2015-12-172015-12-13
0095KlaxOn! KlaxOff!Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015-12-242015-12-18
0096There Is a Party in My Bottle, and You're Invited!Party Movies2015-12-312015-12-01
0097From Ant-Man to ZinzanaFavorites of 20152016-01-072015-12-29
0098So Many Carbs for Your JoyWar moviesPat Wick2016-01-142015-10-20
0099Your Hopes and Dreams Are Bug PowderThe Neverending StoryJerry Belich2016-01-212016-01-12
0100The Future Is DomesThe ApplePat Harrigan, Eric Knight2016-01-282016-01-07
0101Poopception: Part 1B-Fest 2016Kelvin Hatle2016-02-112016-01-26
0102Poopception: Part 2B-Fest 2016Kelvin Hatle2016-02-182016-01-26
0103A Pair of Teeth: Part 1XanaCineHoliday 1Pat Wick2016-02-252016-02-21
0104A Pair of Teeth: Part 2XanaCineHoliday 1Pat Wick2016-03-032016-02-21
0105Punching Space SharksOff Topic Collection #7Various2016-03-10Various
0106Consider Yourself... So SaucedMusicals that Windy hates2016-03-172015-12-18
0107Everybody Needs FrockcoatsThe Illusionist vs. The PrestigeFes Works2016-03-242016-02-23
0108Let’s Pop the Hubris Bubble!SwedingJerry Belich2016-03-312016-01-07
0109We Don't Need Physics! We Have Cars!The Fast and the FuriousLuke Mullen2016-04-142016-02-09
0110You Boarded This Bus on PurposeAsylum FilmsAlee Ellingsberg2016-04-232016-03-15
0111Scary Evil Ethnic NativesRacism in moviesDuck Washington2016-04-292016-03-29
0112Congratulations, Ulysses S. GrantMovie-themed weddings2016-05-082016-04-19
0113The Parrot Is Under Police ProtectionErrol MorrisPaul Comeau2016-05-122016-04-05
0114Multicolored Ramen Movie NightCaptain America: Civil WarDavid Tyler McKay2015-05-192016-05-10
0115A Blunt Instrument at the Sharp Utensil SocietyWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?2016-05-262016-03-15
0116And That's Where It All Goes GooeyScience gone wrong in moviesDuck Washington2016-06-902016-03-29
0117Bless Your HeartShane Black and The Nice GuysJessica Leigh Griffiths, Lisa Rucker2016-06-232016-05-21
0118Great Germans of ComedyNinotchka2016-09-222016-09-19
0119aThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 1Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 12016-09-232016-09-22
0119bThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 2Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 22016-09-242016-09-23
0119cThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 3Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 3Suzana Soliz, Barbara Kennedy, Reed Oliver, Leigh Harris, Jessica Cargill2016-09-252016-09-24
0119dThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 4Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 4Suzana Soliz, Barbara Kennedy, Leigh Harris2016-09-262016-09-25
0119eThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 5Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 52016-09-272016-09-26
0119fThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 6Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 62016-09-282016-09-27
0119gThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 7Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 7Adam Lueck2016-09-292016-09-28
0119hThe Return of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 8Fantastic Fest 2016, Day 8Susana Soliz, Jerry Belich2016-10-012016-09-29
0120The Art of Anti-City ViolenceShin GodzillaMatthew Kessen2016-10-272016-10-15
0121BabaDook Dook Grey DookThe Babadook2016-11-102016-10-26
0122Dormammu, I've Come for a CookieXanaCineHoliday 22016-11-282016-11-26
0123Gettin' Silly, Gettin' Deep with Sex CanariesButt-Numb-a-Thon 2016Meghan Murphy, Barb Lind2016-12-222016-12-11
0124C-Snarkio and the Irish Whiskey MafiaRogue One2017-01-082017-01-05
0125Not Enough SharksOff Topic Collection #8Various2017-01-19Various
0126Everything Is Doors NowB-Fest 2017Kelvin Hatle, Tim Lehnerer2017-02-022017-01-20
0127They Ask So Little of MeThe Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival 2017 (SFFSFF)Jason Murphy2017-02-182017-02-09
0128A Nickel Short of QuasimodoBad Lieutenant and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans2017-03-022016-02-23
0129Thornado!Power dynamics in the Marvel Comics films and other superhero filmsDavid Tyler McKay2017-03-302016-05-10
0130XanaCineMovieTradeHolidayDayThing: Part 1XanaCineHoliday 32017-04-132017-04-08
0131XanaCineMovieTradeHolidayDayThing: Part 2XanaCineHoliday 32017-05-052017-04-08
0132aResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 1Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-032017-09-30
0132bResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 2Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-042017-09-30
0132cResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 3Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-052017-09-30
0132dResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 4Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-062017-09-30
0132eResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 5Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-072017-09-30
0132fResurrection of the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 6Fantastic Fest 20172017-10-082017-09-30
0133aViva la Eclectic Mayhem: Part 1Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-212018-09-20
0133bViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 2Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-222018-09-21
0133cViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 3Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-232018-09-22
0133dViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 4Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-242018-09-23
0133eViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 5Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-252018-09-24
0133fViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 6Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-262018-09-25
0133gViva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 7Fantastic Fest 20182018-09-272018-09-26
0134aThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 1Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-202019-09-19
0134bThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 2Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-212019-09-20
0134cThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 3Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-222019-09-21
0134dThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 4Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-232019-09-22
0134eThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 5Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-242019-09-23
0134fThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 6Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-252019-09-24
0134gThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 7Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-262019-09-25
0134hThe Eclectic Mayhem Raids Again! Part 8Fantastic Fest 20192019-09-272019-09-26
0135Hello Again and The Best of 2022The Best of 20222023-01-122023-01-09
0136Episode 136The Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion, 9 Deaths of the Ninja, The Advent CalendarKelvin Hatle2023-01-192023-01-16
0137Episode 137The 40 Year Old Version, Smile, Togo2023-01-262023-01-23
0138Episode 138Oscars nominations, Come From Away, Space Sweepers2023-02-022023-01-30
0139Episode 139All Quiet on the Western Front, The Ascent, Pathaan2023-02-092023-02-06
0140Episode 140Avatar 2, Throw Down, Buster Scruggs, etc2023-02-162023-02-13
0141Episode 141B-Fest 2023Josh Shepherd, Kelvin Hatle, Noel Thingvall, Tim Lehnerer2023-02-232023-02-17
0142Episode 142Cocaine Bear, M3gan2023-03-022023-02-27
0143Episode 143When Nature AttacksDavid Canfield2023-03-092016-04-20
0144Episode 144Off Topic Collection #9David Canfield, David Tyler McKay, Fes Works2023-03-16Various
0145Episode 145Movie Set Visit / Moulin Rouge on stage / That Thing You Do2023-03-232023-03-16
0146Episode 146Judas and the Black Messiah / BlacKkKlansman / Don’t Worry Darling2023-03-302023-03-27
0147Episode 147XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 12023-04-062023-03-31
0148Episode 148XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 22023-04-132023-04-01
0149Episode 149The Raid / Tetris2023-04-202023-04-10
0150Episode 150Slings & Arrows / Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves2023-04-272023-04-24
0151Episode 151Arrival / Boss Level / Homecoming / Decline of Western Civilization2023-05-112023-05-08
0152Episode 152Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno / Air2023-05-192023-05-15
0153Episode 153Baby J / Soul2023-05-262023-05-15
0154Episode 154War2023-06-012023-05-29
0155Episode 155Map of Tiny Perfect Things / Autopsy of Jane Doe2023-06-082023-06-05
0156Episode 156Flux Gourmet / Velvet Buzzsaw / The Square2023-06-152023-06-12
0157Episode 157Goodnight Oppy / Folk Horror / Fast X2023-06-192023-06-22
0158Episode 158Across the Spider-Verse / Ghosted / Kandisha2023-06-262023-06-29
0159Episode 159Dial of Destiny / Nimona2023-07-102023-07-14
0160Episode 160Polite Society / Bullet Train2023-07-172023-07-22
0161Episode 161Oppenheimer / Barbie / Theater Camp / Pride / Beyonce2023-07-242023-07-27
0162Episode 162Barbie (now with spoilers!) / The Rocking Horsemen2023-07-312023-08-10
0163Episode 163Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 / Playtime2023-08-142023-08-18
0164Episode 164Legally Blonde / Jawsploitation2023-08-212023-09-19
0165Episode 165Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 02023-09-212023-09-21
0166Episode 166Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 1Barb Lind2023-09-212023-09-23
0167Episode 167Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 2Barb Lind2023-09-222023-09-24
0168Episode 168Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 3Barb Lind2023-09-232023-09-25
0169Episode 169Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 4Barb Lind2023-09-242023-09-26
0170Episode 170Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 52023-09-252023-09-27
0171Episode 171Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 62023-09-262023-09-28
0172Episode 172Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 72023-09-272023-09-29
0173Episode 173Fantastic Fest 2023 – Day 8 REPOSTED2023-09-282023-09-30
Reposted 2023-10-14
0174Episode 174Fear Street / Bottoms / No One Will Save You2023-10-092023-10-14
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